Tips for Hiring Employees that will Last


Most business owners will agree that one of the most time-consuming roles of running a business is the hiring of new employees. When an open position is advertised, prospective employees send in applications and resumes, which can take a while to sort through. Once a potential candidate is identified, then there is the interview process, which may or may not lead to an offer. Before making an offer, there are a few things to consider in order to ensure that the candidate will be a good fit.

The first thing that needs to be done is to ensure that the candidate has the right to work in the country for which they’ve been hired. This is crucial for your business as there could be some legal issues if the prospective employee does not have the correct papers for the country where they seek employment. Most businesses carry out background checks on prospective employees to ensure that there isn’t any hidden criminal activity. This is a standard practice for most companies, which can also help to avoid any legal problems down the road. Another standard procedure is to have potential employees take a drug test before confirming employment. Failure to pass the test can be grounds for removing an offer extended to the candidate.

If a candidate passes the background check and drug test, then an offer may be extended, along with a contract. The contract should cover the expectations you have of the employee, along with any non-compete agreements, if necessary. Contracts also explain the job functions and how they are to be carried out. By having this information stated in a written form, it is easy to pull out and refer to should a dispute arise between employer and employee. Coming up with the language for a contract can be difficult, but with web sites like, you can find online resources that use standard language for contracts.

While the hiring process can be tenuous and time-consuming, if you ensure that all of the background checks have been completed, and draw up a contract that explicitly states expectations and job functions, you can be sure that the prospective employee will be a great fit.

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